Business Model

Joberate is an information service that provides job seeking behavior data

Joberate’s technology measures job seeking behaviors of the global workforce and feeds this information as training data into our machine learning predictive analytics engine.

Joberate’s predictive analytics engine generates a numerical score representing how likely a person is to seek a new employment opportunity.

This numerical score, plus up to 6,000 other data points about each individual, can be package up into packets of predictive analytics data.

Users can access their predictive analytics data by having Joberate technology connected to their HRMS system (or ATS or CRM) via an API.

Users also leverage our web-based data visualization and query interface for “quick starts,” or when an API integration to their HRMS is not possible.

Our pricing framework is based on a single metric, which is how many people you are measuring using Joberate technology.  We encourage teamwork and collaboration so our pricing model doesn’t change whether you have one user or hundreds.

Joberate is uniquely positioned as a digital information service that specializes in measuring and quantifying job seeking behaviors of the global workforce.

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J-Index Average measures job seeking behaviors of
Fortune 100 companies’ employees.
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