The Frequently Asked Questions found below will be updated periodically as people submit common new questions.  If you have a question that is not listed below, we invite you to contact us with your question.

Are you violating privacy or stealing data?

No.  We only look at publicly available Social Media metadata.

Can we access our information if my company is on the list?

Only Joberate clients can access detailed information or include all of their employees in their J-Index calculation.  There are many benefits to licensing Joberate technology for your organization.  We encourage you to contact us to see how we can help you gain valuable business insights about your employees.

My company is not on the list, can it be added?

The current list only measures Fortune 100 companies. If you would like to perform similar analysis for your company, we suggest you contact us about licensing Joberate technology.

What is the J-Index Average?

The J-Index Average (number in white) is the average of all the companies currently listed.  Company scores and the J-Index Average are updated daily to reflect any changes, which are signified by red meaning an increase in job seeking activity and green meaning a decrease in job seeking activity.

What purpose does the J-Index serve?

J-index is meant to be a comparative resource that shows a composite score of each companies’ employees looking for new work opportunities. By comparing one company versus another, one can do an assessement on a normalized basis how one company’s job seeking activity levels compare to another.

Why was the J-Index conceived?

Our mission to help society better understand job seeking activities of the global workforce, one human being at a time, exists because of our global vision for a more transparent employment market and for closing the gap to full employment.

There is a lack of meaningful real-time information about what is happening in the world of work and employment.  This was a primary driver for why Joberate decided to undertake this important project for the benefit of society.