Joberate Platform

Joberate tracks people’s job seeking activities and calculates their J-Score®

J-Score® represents the intensity of a person’s job seeking activities

Joberate’s platform monitors people’s publicly available Social Media information, and applies data science and machine learning to calculate a new job seeking activity metric called J-Score.

Real world tests have already proven J-Score to be very accurate, with an error rate of 2.2e-16 (a very small number).

Companies rely on J-Score to search for candidates with better relevancy than using Google, and to gain visibility into their own workforce using Joberate’s analytics platform.

J-Score® information helps companies find talent and understand their employees’ job seeking trends

Using Joberate’s search engine helps to return search results that are as much as 50x more relevant than using Google. Search results, with contact information, can be used by recruiters or investors to directly reach out to prospective candidates.

An export function easily moves search results into Joberate’s analytics platform so companies can track internal employees or market-map competitors.

Joberate’s platform is used by recruiters, HR mangers, executives (up to CEO level), and institutional investors.

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