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The API integration between Loop, a mobile-first talent acquisition and engagement platform, and Joberate’s global people directory of job seeking behaviors (J-Scores) enables Loop clients to gain real-time insights into employee satisfaction and engagement, improves employee retention, and provides a competitive advantage to companies that are recruiting top talent.


All Avature clients can now gain a competitive advantage in recruitment of top talent by subscribing to Joberate’s global people directory, which as a result of an API integration can now be delivered within Avature’s native environment and configured workflows. Avature users can immediately gain access to real-time job seeking behaviors of potential candidates, including Joberate’s unique job seeking behavior metric called J-Score™.


The API integration between Macromicro’s HR Analytics and workforce data-discovery platform and Joberate’s global people directory of job seeking activities (J-Score™) enables organizations to combine internal HRIS and other workforce-related data with external job seeking behavioral analytics extracted from Social Media data, thereby gaining access to real-time, actionable business insights.

Alexander Mann

Alexander Mann Solutions is the world’s leading provider of talent acquisition and management services.  It integrates outsourcing capability and consulting expertise to enable organisations to attract, engage and retain top talent.  Working with over 65 outsourcing clients and consulting to hundreds more, Alexander Mann Solutions employs over 3,000 people and acts as a trusted adviser to clients across multiple industry sectors, in over 82 countries.


Hudson, a global leader in talent solutions, is at the forefront of combing the new technology with HR and recruitment consulting services to help businesses translate their data into better business decisions. With their Talent Analytics solution, Hudson can help clients leverage analytics for workforce planning, employee satisfaction, advanced candidate sourcing and talent pipelining. Download the free Job Seeker Pulse, a quarterly generational report on more than 8,000 Fortune 100 employees.

Supplemental Health Care

As the necessity for qualified healthcare providers increases under the Affordable Care Act, along with a tightening of the clinical workforce and the highly competitive nature for finding and retaining patient-centered candidates to fill these positions, Supplemental Health Care’s  RPO solution has become one of the most beneficial and cost-effective solutions in the industry. Both scientific and mobile, means our workforce solutions reach better talent, faster.

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