Global talent search and people analytics

Joberate is a global talent search and people analytics platform. We make publicly available career-related information easy to find, and also offer proprietary metadata like J-Score®, which measures online job seeking activities.

Joberate is an indispensable resource for organizations that want to better understand and improve employee engagement and retention, recruit more relevant and diverse talent faster, and to conduct socioeconomic research.


Joberate’s global platform looks for job seeking activities within people’s publicly available Social Media metadata, and translates myriad data points into an analytic called J-Score®, which represents a person’s job seeking activity level at any point in time.


Using Joberate’s search engine helps to return results that are as much as 50x more relevant than using Google. Search results, with contact information, can be used by recruiters or investors to directly reach out to prospective candidates.


An export function easily moves search results into Joberate’s analytics platform so companies can track internal employees or market-map competitors.


The analytics platform allows for longitudinal analysis of macro (company-wide) data, segmented data (i.e. by skill set or location or seniority level), and historical job seeking information about individuals, including benchmarking and alerts.


Joberate’s platform provides actionable insights about people’s job seeking activity levels so users of the platform can make evidence-based decisions rather than relying on anecdotal evidence or gut feel.

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The data only alternative for partnering with Joberate is ideal for Social Media aggregators, job boards, CRM and ATS providers, HRIS and HCM platform providers, and for others that would prefer to leverage raw data.

Access and data transfer can be provisioned in a number of configurations. Contact us today for additional information.

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Enterprise clients leverage our SaaS search and analytics platform.  It is a more precise and relevant alternative to Google for recruitment, retention, employee engagement, and research in to key executive turnover.

J-Score update frequency can be configured based on client needs, and our world-class analytics platform is included.

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