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Joberate embodies a culture of innovation

Joberate’s vision, underwritten by the support of the company’s investment partners and Advisory Board members, gave birth to the most innovative HR technology platform in decades. The company’s mission has become to help society better understand job seeking behaviors of the global workforce.


Today, Joberate’s platform is used by companies to make evidence-based recruiting and talent engagement decisions.  It is also used by financial services firms to hep make long and short financial investment decisions based on retention of key executives. No other platform has created so many opportunities to leverage insights about the global workforce.

Senior Leadership Team

Michael Beygelman

Michael Beygelman

Co-founder, CEO
(Joberate Director)

Aki Kakko

Aki Kakko

Co-founder, Head of Corporate Development
(Joberate Director)


Josh Blumenthal

Chief Technology Officer


Audrey Bilsborrow

Vice President, Global Sales

Board of Advisors


Daniel Frawley

Head of CEB Ventures
(Joberate Director)

Elliot Clark

Elliot Clark

Chairman, CEO, SharedXpertise (Joberate Director)

Simon Heaton

Simon Heaton

Chief Talent Officer at Stout Risius Ross

Lori Hock

Lori Hock

CEO, Hudson Americas at Hudson Global


Jul. 27

Travis Furlow @ Travis Furlow

Joberate’s platform is integral to the way we deliver services to our clients. The cutting-edge innovation that Joberate has created enables the ‘art’ of talent pooling to be more efficient, more strategic and more powerful, which is a tremendous competitive advantage for our clients.


Aug. 06

Kristian Vanberg @ Kristian Vanberg

For the future of data in HR, I look to Joberate. I have done so for some time, and haven’t been disappointed. They translate hype into real use cases for HR practitioners. While others are doing a lot of talking, Joberate is already offering products. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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