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Joberate embodies a culture of innovation

In one simple sentence, Joberate helps companies find and retain diverse talent. However, there is a lot more to our story! We were inspired by one simple premise – what if there was a way we can use data science, machine learning, and explore AI opportunities to better understand job seeking behaviors of the global workforce?

Since our inception in, 2014 we have been developing a unique technology solution that scans public social media for signals about the global workforce, and from this publicly available data we curate unique people analytics including our patent-pending metric called J-Score, which measures job seeking activity level.

We offer a global talent search engine of more than 300 million profiles, which helps companies find the most relevant and diverse passive talent, and a people analytics tool, which provides companies unique insights that enable elevated decision making.

Senior Leadership Team

Michael Beygelman

Michael Beygelman

Co-founder, CEO
(Joberate Director)

Board of Directors

Daniel Frawley

Head of CEB Ventures

Elliot Clark

Elliot Clark

Chairman, CEO, SharedXpertise

Board of Advisors

Simon Heaton

Simon Heaton

Chief Talent Officer at Stout Risius Ross

Lori Hock

Lori Hock

CEO, Hudson Americas at Hudson Global

May. 29

Elliot Clark @ elliot_clark

Joberate’s machine learning technology for gathering employee job seeking behaviors is revolutionizing workforce information services.

Jul. 24

Lori Hock @ Lori Hock

Access to Joberate analytics allows us to transform our clients’ recruitment and retention outcomes in a much faster and easier way.

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