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Joberate embodies a culture of innovation

Joberate’s global platform of unique workforce insights helps organizations attract more diverse talent faster, improve employee engagement and reduce voluntary attrition, and eliminate workplace bias. The award-winning technology uses Machine Learning algorithms to develop proprietary metadata, including patent-pending J-Score®, which has become the gold standard in measuring online job seeking behavior.

Leading organizations rely on Joberate’s actionable, real-time insights to empower smarter workforce decisions.

Senior Leadership Team

Michael Beygelman

Michael Beygelman

Co-founder, CEO
(Joberate Director)

Daniel Frawley

Managing Director, Falmouth Ventures

Board of Advisors

Simon Heaton

Simon Heaton

Chief Talent Officer at Stout Risius Ross

Lori Hock

Lori Hock

CEO, Hudson Americas at Hudson Global

Jul. 27

Travis Furlow @ Travis Furlow

Joberate’s platform is integral to the way we deliver services to our clients. Joberate enables the ‘art’ of talent pooling to be more efficient and strategic.

Jun. 30

Amy Gulati @ Amy Gulati

Joberate mines publicly available data about candidate behavior on social media, and assigns people a job seeking, a “J-Score.”

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