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Joberate embodies a culture of innovation

Joberate is a Global Platform of proprietary people metadata. We bring together the Internet of publicly available yet disparate information about people – their life events, career oriented attributes, and a host of other data – and create one structured profile for each person, which we enrich with our proprietary metadata including patent-pending J-Score. Our ready-to-run SaaS applications like global search and predictive analytics, and API access to our platform, enable our clients to maximize their ROI.


Joberate is used by organizations that want to better understand and improve employee retention, recruit more relevant and diverse talent faster, track key executive turnover and employment volatility within companies in order to make better investment decisions, predict unemployment trends, predict outcomes of political elections, and connect with retail consumers at point of sale (POS).


Joberate helps companies convert unique, patent-pending people analytics and insights into rewarding opportunities, and big profits. No other platform has created so many opportunities to leverage insights about the global workforce.

Senior Leadership Team

Michael Beygelman

Michael Beygelman

Co-founder, CEO
(Joberate Director)


Josh Blumenthal

Chief Technology Officer

Board of Directors


Daniel Frawley

Head of CEB Ventures

Elliot Clark

Elliot Clark

Chairman, CEO, SharedXpertise

Board of Advisors

Simon Heaton

Simon Heaton

Chief Talent Officer at Stout Risius Ross

Lori Hock

Lori Hock

CEO, Hudson Americas at Hudson Global


May. 29

Elliot Clark @ elliot_clark

Joberate’s combination of cutting edge technology for information gathering on employee and candidate behaviors and clearly defined business model as an information service company represents a revolutionary approach to workforce information services.


Jul. 27

Travis Furlow @ Travis Furlow

Joberate’s platform is integral to the way we deliver services to our clients. The cutting-edge innovation that Joberate has created enables the ‘art’ of talent pooling to be more efficient, more strategic and more powerful, which is a tremendous competitive advantage for our clients.

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