J-Index utilizes a proprietary JET scale for measuring job seeking activities

Job seeking activity level is scored on a scale of 4-70

The Joberate Employment Topology (JET) consists of 3 tiers of job seeking activities, dynamically assigned by the platform on a daily basis.

The rationale behind development of the JET scale is our learning that job seeking activities do not scale linearly, and also become more volatile in more active tiers.

Job seeking behaviors are scored on a scale of 4-70

Uses average of job seeking scores from company sample

At the foundation of each company’s J-Index score is the job seeking score of each of their employees (called J-Score) within the sample size. Each person’s score is already weighted per the methodology.

J-Scores of each company’s employees are averaged to achieve an overall company J-Index score. The current version of J-Index has a 95% confidence level and a maximum interval of 7.3 or less.

Uses average of job seeking scores from company sample

J-Index Average is a leading employment indicator

J-Index is a gauge of relative employment volatility because it represents the average job seeking activities of all Fortune 100 companies’ employees.

Combined with market indexes like the DJIA, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, J-Index will paint the most holistic composite of the world at work.

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