Joberate Use Cases

Leverage benchmarking and unique insights to take planning to a new level

Global view of the entire workforce

Immediately visualize what is happening in every region or within a specific country or business unit.

Color and numerical indicators serve as intuitive analytics of employees who are content versus employees who are at risk of leaving, and an arrow tells the direction of the trend.

Assess the current environment

Drill down for more granular information

View what is happening within a specific location or business function, or within a specific manager’s team.

Toggle between filters to instantly display the most relevant data, plus isolate areas of interest like specific employee pools, or all employees by job seeking behavior status

Drill down for more granular information

Details about people and teams

Drill down further into details about a specific person or workgroup, or any other team that you define in the system.

The technology also creates the possibility to look at hiring managers and their direct reports, to paint a better composite of what is happening at the team level.

Details about people and teams

Historical data shows what has happened

Trends view instantly shows activity at each job seeking level over a period of time from three months to five years.

This view helps to quickly and intuitively identify cyclicality or seasonality to job seeking behaviors, and can also be correlated to other company initiatives.

Historical data shows what has happened

Analyze trends in specific groups

Concurrently plot historical data of multiple groups to understand the evolution of employment trends.

Understand whether IT has more active job seekers than Accounting, or whether the UK has more people seeking outside employment than Germany.

Analyze trends in specific groups

Anonymously compare trends to the market

Joberate clients anonymously compare their job seeking trends to other Joberate clients, to better understand market dynamics and identify areas of improvement.

This feature is currently under development and will be launched first to Joberate clients that are on record as of Q1 2015.

Anonymously compare trends to the market

Assess the current environment

Joberate technology adds critical data elements to aid in identifying facts or circumstances that surround a workforce situation or an event.

View current-state workforce analytics, and what talent shortages might look like in 3-12 months.

Assess the current environment

Develop a current workforce profile

The inclusion of Joberate analytics into a workforce planning initiative are essential to mapping the most accurate current workforce profile of any organization.

API integration plus exporting functionality enables Joberate technology to easily integrate into any environment.

Develop a current workforce profile

Monitor workforce development plan

Don’t wait until it is too late.  Joberate technology serves as an early detection system about whether or not a specific workforce development plan is working.

View detailed analytics about job seeking behavior before and after executing the workforce plan.

Monitor workforce development plan
Get clarity and insights into your workforce job seeking behaviors.

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